The purpose and benefits of the Art Therapy Group

art-therapy-brushsHello everyone!

A few words about the purpose and benefits of the Art Therapy Group:

 Purpose of Art Therapy Group:

Art therapy supports our process when words are not enough. I facilitate Art Therapy workshops where the participants have the opportunity to engage with their feelings and emotions associated with depression and anxiety, as well as raising their self-esteem and wellbeing.

The benefits of the Art Therapy Group:

Clients are exposed to other individuals that may share similar issues and concerns. The group environment acts as a time to share these issues and to feel connected rather than isolated. By using various art materials and theme exercises weekly, it helps raise awareness and therefore allows people to make new choices in their lives.

We spend most of our days living and operating with our “heads”. Joining an Art Therapy counseling group gives you a chance to connect to your feelings and create art from your heart. It is a special time for you, where you can look after yourself and can explore personal issues in a safe place. The more aligned you are with yourself, the easier it is for you to be creative and to manifest your heart desires. To find deeper meaning in life, we need to be aware of negative beliefs and replace them with positive supportive ones. An Art Therapy counseling group can offer this replacement of positive support and aid in the journey of meaningful life pursuits.

Mindfully yours

Dalit Bar