Looking after your inner child in these challenging times

Inner child healing

For some of us, the thought of coming out of isolation might raise some anxieties and unexpected challenges. It’s a time to reflect and to appreciate what’s important to us. I find that this can be an important time and we can all benefit from some inner child healing.

The concept of the inner child is not new. It has roots in many religions, psychology, mythology, and fairy tales. The inner child is the core of our being. It’s the part of ourselves, which was left behind as we grew into adulthood. When we meet our inner child we often discover that our childhood needs were not met, needs for love, safety, trust, respect and guidance. This absence of basic conditions can bring anxiety, shame and anger in the inner child.

Helping ourselves heal by telling our inner child she is safe now, she is seen and that she matters can help overcome uncertainty and anxiety.
How do we do this?
• Becoming aware of the ways in which we harm and betray ourselves
• Noticing our behavior and its impact on others
• Learning to self regulate when we are triggered
• Recognizing and responding to our needs
• Reaching out for support
• Acknowledging our strengths
• Giving kindness, compassion and acceptance to ourselves.

Let your inner child pave the way for a more positive future!.