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Growing up without a father

Growing up without a father This week I found myself talking with some of my clients about growing up with inadequate parents. It astounded me to hear how many individuals have been disappointed by their parents. Feelings of rejection and words such as unloved had frequent mentions in the discussions. On Saturday morning I embraced […]

The purpose and benefits of the Art Therapy Group

Hello everyone! A few words about the purpose and benefits of the Art Therapy Group:  Purpose of Art Therapy Group: Art therapy supports our process when words are not enough. I facilitate Art Therapy workshops where the participants have the opportunity to engage with their feelings and emotions associated with depression and anxiety, as well […]

Exploring The Double Lives Of Everyday People Living With Mental Illness

“Whenever I was depressed, I always felt like I had two separate lives,” photographer Liz Obert explained to The Huffington Post. “One that people saw everyday and the one that could barely get out of bed in the morning. For years I struggled with how to make this into art.” Through “Dualities,” Obert seems to […]

Kid therapy: Mixing seniors and youthful energy

http://www.startribune.com/local/south/264117411.html Navan Al-Mamun, 6, and Irene Garry, 85, worked on coloring in Art Across the Ages, an Intergenerational art class with seniors and kids at The Commons on Marice in Eagan. It’s a bonding experience which helps children learn about the aging process. www.startribune.com Photo: richard.sennott@startribune.com